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A partnership between American Ambulance and Roger's Helicopters.

SkyLife Air Ambulance is a partnership between American Ambulance and Roger's Helicopters and provides rapid air medical transportation for the critically ill and injured trauma and medical patient. SkyLife has been serving California since 1991.


SkyLife Aircraft

SkyLife utilizes two Bell 407 helicopters, one based at Fresno Yosemite International Airport in Fresno, CA and our South Valley aircraft stationed at Visalia Airport. Both aircraft are staffed 24 hours/day with a flight nurse, flight paramedic and EMS pilot. Additionally, SkyLife utilizes a King Air airplane (fixed wing air ambulance) for long distance hospital-to-hospital transfers during inclement weather, as a back-up resource as available.

Air ambulances provide critical time savings as well as high levels of patient care while inflight, reserved for the most critical patients. Medical helicopters are part of a team dedicated to provide that extra measure of support when it is needed most, when life is dependent upon quick, effective medical response.

SkyLife Mission Key Points

Clinical Excellence

through advanced procedures, employee selection and equipment.

Operational Safety

through uncompromised aircraft maintenance, pilot selection and training, paralleled with conservative operating procedures.


to scene emergencies through maximum availability and accessibility, integration with co-responders, and rapid response and transportation.

Value Creation

to payers by facilitating high-acuity patient repatration to networked or contracted facilities.


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